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MSc in Marketing Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  1.  Students must have completed all the core and elective course requirements.
  2. Students must have achieved a minimum of 120 ECTS credits.
  3. Students will have passed the Complex Exam.
  4. Students will have met with their thesis supervisor on at least 10 occaisions (50 min. each) for individual thesis consulation.
  5. Students will have submitted and successfully defended a Thesis Work.
  6. Sutdents will have fulfilled all the administrative and financial requirements towards the university. 

Diploma Qualification

The Diploma Qualification is calculated from (1) the credit-weighted cumulative average obtained in the Core Courses (and Specialization Core Courses, if applicable) with single weight, (2) the grade obtained at the Comprehensive Exam with single weight,  and (3) the average of the three grades obtained at the Thesis Defense (the two thesis evaluations and the oral thesis defense grade) with double weight. (All mathematical averages are calculated to 2 decimal points.)

Honor's Diploma

An Honor's Diploma is given on the following 3 conditions:

    • the average of the 3 grades obtained at the Thesis Defense is 5.0
    • the grade obtained at the Comprehensive Exam is 5.0
    • the grades in the Transcript (of all the courses: Compulsory (C), Compulsory Elective (CE) and Elecetive (E) are at least 4.0, and all other grades obtained in the program and entered in Neptun are at least 3.0.

Last modified: 2018.10.19.