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Growing Number of Applicants Prioritizing Corvinus

In 2019 the Corvinus University of Budapest was able to increase the number of students who indicated one of its programs as their primary choice during the admission process. While the Corvinus Business School continues to be the most popular faculty in Hungary, the number of applicants prioritizing the Corvinus School of Economics has also risen by 20%. An increased number of applicants opt for foreign language programs, a fact that is also worth noting.

Data released by the Hungarian Educational Authority show that as in previous years, during the 2019 admission process, a total of 9 122 students applied to Corvinus, out of which 5 813 marked it as their first choice.  The number of applications received for the different programs of Corvinus exceeded 20 000. Compared to previous years, the percentage of applicants prioritizing the university has risen for both BA and MA programs by altogether 3%. Interest in the foreign language programs offered by Corvinus has also increased. The ratio of applicants opting for the English language programs of Corvinus as their first choice progressed by 10% on the undergraduate and by 20% on the graduate level on the previous year. This year’s data on Hungarian applications confirm the strengths of the renewed Corvinus. On the other hand, they highlight its role as a leading institution in economic and social sciences that relies on the master programs, and through its international embeddedness on English language programs to reach its objectives.

Five of the ten most attractive educational programs in Hungary are on offer at Corvinus (Business and Management, Commerce and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Business Informatics, Finance and Accounting), with total applications having risen in comparison to previous years.

The most popular faculty of Corvinus is still the Corvinus Business School. In fact, it is in the highest demand in Hungary with 4361 applicants who treat it as their primary choice and a total of nearly 15 000 applications. Business and Management continues to be the highest-ranking among the programs ahead of some other programs enjoying enduring popularity, namely International Business, Business Informatics as well as Finance and Accounting. In Hungary in the field of Business, the programs of Corvinus were identified by 18% of applicants as their priority.  With these figures, it ranks first among universities of economics and business.


There was an increase of 20% over the last year in the number of applicants who indicated the Corvinus School of Economics as their primary choice. The total number of applicants to the School has also grown significantly. The most sought-after program is still the Applied Economics BSc, but there is also considerable demand for the special programs like the single-cycle long program in Economic, Financial and Mathematical Analysis or the Health Policy, Planning and Financing MSc.

The International Studies and the Communication and Media Sciences programs are in the highest demand at the Faculty of International Relations and Social Sciences. In the country 16% of all the students interested in social sciences opt for Corvinus as their first choice.

The Campus at Székesfehérvár, Corvinus’ headquarters in Fejér County, has been operating for three years. While the number of applicants to this campus has remained almost stable for BA programs since 2018, it has steeply grown for MA programs. The favourite options at the Székesfehérvár Campus include Business and Management, Tourism and Hospitality, which are also available as double degrees.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.