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14.02.2019 10:36 Age: 1 year

KEDGE Summer School in Southern France

KEDGE Summer School in Southern France


Earn course credits you can transfer towards your degree while spending the summer of a lifetime in Europe!

This year, Kedge Business School will be offering 7 Thematic Summer School Packages (comprised of 14 different courses) over their 3 campuses in Marseille, Toulon and Bordeaux

Each package features:

·         2 courses (5 ECTS per course / 10 ECTS per package)

·         Courses Monday – Thursday with a Business Trip or Social/Cultural Activity included every Friday

·         A Welcome Breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 Group Dinner

·         A full programme of extracurricular activities at nights and on the weekends organised by Kedge student volunteers to maximize the immersive, international experience

·         All courses are formally evaluated and lead to Official Course Transcripts and a Certificate of Completion

The programs are designed so that participants can either follow a 2-week thematic package (10 ECTS credits) or mix & match courses from different packages to create “hybrid” options suited to their individual interests, timing and budget. 

Thanks to the partnership between Kedge Business School and Corvinus University of Budapest students will be able to join courses without paying tuition fee. You only have to cover the travel, accommodation and personal expenses.

For more information check the brochurefileadmin/user_upload/hu/gazdalkodastudomanyi_kar/files/ISP/news/Kedge_International_Summer_School_2019_Brochure.pdf or go to https://student.kedge.edu/summer-school

If you are interested please fill the questionnaire and send your application form, along with the proof of your English language proficiency to Ms Edina Gazda at edina.gazda(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

Deadline for application: March 22nd, 2019

Once you are nominated by Corvinus, you will receive an automatically generated email, informing you of the nomination and inviting you to connect to the online application platform, complete the personal details an confirm the course choice.

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