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29.11.2018 15:19 Age: 296 days

Managing cultural complexity in organizations - a public lecture by Jasmin Mahadevan

Time and Date: 11:40-13:10, 4th of December (Tuesday)
Venue: Sóház building, basement, auditorum 2.



Today’s companies and organizations are culturally complex. National culture, societal cultures, organizational cultures and so on are intertwined with functional, professional, team, tenure-based cultures and many more facets. This lecture provides an overview on the existing literature on how to manage cultural complexity and related multiple cultural identities in today’s organizations, drawing from her own empirical research in global and international companies. The lecturer will focus on Asia, this is where most of her research originates from.


About the lecturer:

Jasmin Mahadevan is Professor of International Management with special focus on Cross-Cultural Management at Pforzheim University, Pforzheim, Germany. She received her master’s degree in International Business and Cultural Studies, and her doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology and Intercultural Communication. Her background can be described as multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic; she has lived an internationally mobile life (with formative experiences in Germany, India, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, the People’s Republic of China, Wales, the United States, Japan, and England) and has experienced cross-cultural management as a researcher, as an intercultural trainer and consultant, and as an academic.

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