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08.03.2017 14:36 Age: 3 yrs

ISP Photo Challenge

ISP is proud to introduce the ISP Photo Challenge, where every week we will post a new challenge for everyone to submit their photos and compete for a PRIZE. The “challenge” will consist of a prompt that is purposely ambiguous. We want you to get creative with your submissions, for example if the challenge were to ask for a selfie of you and a friend, the friend could be a fellow student, and animal, a statue, a reflection of someone nearby, anything! Let yourself create. Also know that you can submit as many photos as you would like, we will consider all of them!

1. First go and like the Corvinus School of Business ISP Facebook page (only those who like the page will be considered for the competition).
2.Subscribe to our optional email notifications here
or go straight to photo contest and see what the weekly challenge is here 
3.Upload your photo(s) via the “photo contest” tab on the ISP Facebook page via desktop OR here for mobile
4. Now your photo will go straight to the weekly submission gallery and ISP will announce a winning photo shortly after the submission deadline is over (usually the following Tuesday).

Last modified: 2018.11.30.