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Grade Conversion Table

Grade Conversion Table for ISP Coordinated Programs and Courses

Class Attendance Policy

Class Attendance Policy & Retaking Courses

IMPORTANT: Change regarding the acceptance of doctor's certificates!

The acceptable level of absence is ¼ of all lessons (i.e. 3 seminars). In exceptional cases (e.g. hospital treatment) provided that the total absence is less than 50%, the tutor can (if he/she so decides) give an opportunity for supplement. Study and Examination Regulations – 21§ (3) and (5)

If the student has exceeded the maximum allowed number of absences (doctor's certificates will not be accepted for these!), only verifiable, official hospital or treatment center documentation proving hospital treatment shall be accepted.

Students whose absence from the seminars exceeds the maximum allowed 3 occasions (partial seminar attendance is counted as absence), will be given a “not signed” (aláírás megtagadva”) grade. Students receiving the “not signed” grade will not have the option of taking either the final or any of the retake examinations, but shall have to retake the course in a subsequent semester.

Students who in any way disrupt a class (lecture or seminar) will be warned once. If the student’s disruptive behavior continues after the first warning, the tutor has the right to send the student out of the room and note that the student has been absent from the given class.

Last modified: 2016.07.28.