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MSc in Marketing

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Program Description



2 years (4 semesters)

Language of Instruction


Study Type

Full time

Start Date

September 1

Double-degree Option

CEMS Master's in International Management Program

Tuition Fee

Fees Table

Application Deadline

Non-Hungarian applicants: April 30th
Hungarian citizen applicants, check felvi.hu

The MSc in Marketing program prepares students for real-world marketing challenges. Graduates from the program will understand how marketing creates value for a company or organization, will be able to draft effective marketing plans, and will master the functional processes of marketing. Participants receive comprehensive knowledge throughout the program. Please see the program curriculum for the course plan. The program is offered on a full-time, two-year basis. 

Marketing Management Courses

During the course of their studies, students who take Marketing Management core elective courses will acquire an in depth understanding of the role of management in the fields of manufacturing, consulting, information technology, public relations, marketing and services. The coursework targets both public and private industry, and students will approach the topics from a business orientation.

Graduates who take the marketing management courses will be especially suited to work in the fields of media, global business and online marketing industries including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and small-to-medium enterprise (SME) sectors.

Sources (Forbes, 2013; US Dept. of Labor, 2014) predict continued job growth in the area of Marketing Management. As a result, there is a need for a qualified and professional workforce in marketing, especially on the managerial level. Graduates with the Marketing Management specialization will also be qualified to enroll in PhD programs either in Hungary or abroad.

The courses focused on marketing management are the following: Advanced Media Economics, Online and Digital Marketing, Consumer Relationship Management, and Global Marketing.

Tourism Courses

Students can choose core electives geared towards the field of tourism in relation to marketing. The aim of these courses is at the development of intellectual skills to enable students to be successful in the following tasks: to research and assess subject specific facts, theories, paradigms, principles and concepts in tourism; to critically assess and evaluate evidence; to interpret data and text; to describe and analyze information; and to apply knowledge to the solution of problems in connection with tourism.

Graduates with MSc in Marketing who take tourism electives should be able to find employment opportunities both in Hungary and worldwide in the following areas: business and management roles in public or private companies, private sector tourism industry jobs, and public sector roles.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC, 2008) estimates that tourism's contribution to global economic activity and employment is expected to continue increasing over the coming ten years. As a result, there is a need for a qualified and professional workforce, especially on the managerial level. There will be a growing need for graduates with MSc in Marketing with the Tourism Management specialization in English in Hungary as both the Tourism Development Strategy and the New Széchenyi Plan define tourism and related services as key areas in which Hungary will develop. Areas such as health tourism, destination tourism, EU bids, and regional planning will need graduates with complex, global experiences and knowledge that can adapt to local situations. Graduates with the MSc in Marketing Tourism Management specialization will also be qualified to enroll in PhD programs either in Hungary or abroad.

The tourism focused courses are the following: Tourism Management and Marketing, Destination Management, Strategic Marketing for Tourism Destinations, and Online Marketing in Tourism.

Education Methods

The MSc in Marketing aims at achieving a balance between practice and theory. Class sizes are adequate to the master level and education is based on interaction. The master program relies heavily on case studies, computer simulations and on other forms of students activities. Participants often work on real-life projects and are sought after by the leading companies upon graduation.

The Marketing and Media Institute

The Marketing and Media Institute (MMI) faculty has been involved in English education for more than 20 years. It has built its curriculum together with leading universities and schools both in Europe and the U.S. The wide curriculum definitely benefits from the diversity of the faculty of around 25 full-time members, many of whom are actively participating in research and teaching with leading universities in multiple countries on several continents. 

The institute greatly benefits from the existence of its Advisory Board. We are proud to be able to attract leaders from different industries representing world-class international and local companies.

Obviously no program can be successful without attracting a motivated, ambitious and knowledgeable student body. Corvinus marketing master students have won multiple awards in national competitions and participated in international teams of the university in case competitions around the world.

The International Dimension

In addition to education, the institute faculty has been active in participating in international research cooperation in multiple areas, including media, advertising, consumer behavior, marketing orientation, services, retailing, business-to-business and other areas. This work has resulted in joint reports and several publications.

The institute is an active member of the international research community. It is represented in the marketing and design faculty groups of the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) and in the COSTA media research group.

It hosted several international conferences , including the European Marketing Academy Annual Conference in 1996 and in 2010 the leading B2B Conference – IMP - and 1st EMAC Regional Conference.



Program coordinator: Ms. Anne Swisshelm (annemarie.swisshelm(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu)

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