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BA in International Business

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(Program objectives & Curriculum design)

Major learning outcomes


Graduates will:


·         understand comprehensive fundamentals in business.

·         demonstrate a good understanding of international economic and business practices.

·         be able to plan and manage international business actions.

·         be able to communicate efficiently in an international environment.

·         be open to foreign cultures and people.

·         be active in and committed to teams they participate in.

·         take responsibility for their work.

·         have a strong sense of autonomy.


Program description


The degree programme in International Business - 8 academic semesters in duration - serves to prepare you for professional careers in companies and institutions that operate internationally. It was was designed for those young candidates who wish to enter an international business career. The aim of the programme is to provide you with practical business knowledge and a range of skills that will equip you to design your international business career. The programme combines studies in the major functions of business, with an international perspective on commercial strategies and operations. The program also considers the social, cultural and political dimensions of global business. Well designed modules, a carefully selected teaching staff and a rigorous quality management system guarantee the high quality of the programme. 

The programme includes – with the aim of ensuring the international aspect – an at least one semester long study abroad experience or experience gained in an international environment.

After completing your studies you will be able to handle a wide variety of tasks and situations in an international, multicultural environment. As a graduate you will be equipped with the adequate knowledge and skills to continue your studies at the Master’s level.


Structure of studies – 4 years, i.e. 8 academic semesters in duration


Total Academic credits

   min. 180

Foundation core courses


International Business core courses


Social Sciences core courses


Core elective courses

max. 30

General elective courses


Thesis consultation I. & II.


Internship/Placement credits


Total Credits (minimum)



1 credit =  30 student working hours


Program director: Dr. László Kacsirek (laszlo.kacsirek(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu)

Program coordinator and contact: Ms. Emese Boros  (boros.emese(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu)

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