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Barna Farkas, Valedictorian, Class of 2012, BA in Business and Management

I can say, the one thing we have surely learned, is the definition of international integration. Not the one that economics teaches us, but the one to which we gave meaning to ourselves. International integration. What we have been doing for the last three years. We come from all over the world and speak different languages – yet we get put into a classroom and we manage to succeed. We’ve managed to succeed at solving problems together, despite our different backgrounds; at arriving to different, creative conclusions; and most importantly, we’ve managed to succeed at making friendships.

While professors helped shape our learning experience heavily, we learned the rest from each other. China, Vietnam, Singapore, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Mongolia, Cyprus, Turkey, France, USA, Mexico, Germany, these are but a few of the countries with which we came in touch with. Books can only teach you so much about the world and its diversity. The real understanding of other cultures can only happen when you come in contact with its people. And this is why this international study program has been great.

Quentin SOYER

Thats was an incredible experience i would recommend to everyone ! Your culture is very nice and i probably met the nicest people there.

As well, the university was great (and beautiful :) ) and thanks to many teachers i'm able to work abroad this summer (particulary thanks to the international marketing, and the cross-cultural negociations) in a business tourism agency.

Your city offers every single reason for a student to spend some time in Corvinus : many things to visit, many places to go in the day or night, ...

Katie Gramenova graduate, BA in Business Administration

My experience at ISP was exceptional. Being located in the heart of Budapest and having such a diverse student and faculty composition creates an amazing atmosphere. As a student transferring from another university, I was pleased with the amount of flexibility offered and had the chance to flavour the core programme with many interesting electives.

The professors were very engaging while the ISP office staff always ready to help. Studying at ISP not only contributed to my outstanding academic record, but also developed my character. I would do it all over again if I could.

Gergely Haris, Reservations-Sales, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest

"The best academic program for business at the best business specialized university of Hungary. Besides the international study environment and the experienced foreign lecturers, I appreciated the professionalism and personal care of the Office crew! And the knowledge I earned here has put me on right spot of the labor market!"

Elizabeth Almaz Wale, Marketing MsC, Graduate 2014

"Choosing the English Marketing Master program in Corvinus proved to be one of the greatest decision in my career. I had the chance to meet several great professionals from abroad and Hungary as well, not to mention working together with people from all over the world therefore got experienced in a real international environment. I got a highly valuable professional network and a strategic mindset which I benefit from ever since.

I could only recommend this Master program to everyone who would be willing to meet exciting challenges and open to great opportunities."

Ferenc Molnar Franco, BA in International Business, Graduate from 2012

" My BA International Business studies gave me the necessary tools to succeed as a professional in one of the world's leading companies.
Corvinus' commitment to form competitive and well prepared individuals has been fundamental for my career."

Kristian M. (BA in Business Administration, 2001)

“Having an international career where I develop marketing strategies for some of the leading companies in the world, the international experience coming from the International Studies Program helped a lot. Studying with ambitious students from all over the world not only gives you intellectual knowledge, but also cultural knowledge that is so important in today’s business environment. I wish all the new students the best of luck”.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.