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The complete list of CBS's partner institutions for student mobility can be checked here.

Please note that while CBS fully and warmly supports having students spend a semester abroad, there are strict regulations and deadlines on how to apply for a study abroad period. Applications for the next academic year can be submitted at a previously determined date near the end of the fall semester or the beginning of the spring semester of the previous academic year. Students are notified about the deadlines via e-mail in advance.

We suggest that if you plan to spend a semester abroad, you do the following:
1) Check the list of CBS's partner universities.
2) Visit the website of the partner universities of your choice to make sure that the courses you need to take are available in English or any other foreign language you know at the given universities. If you have problems obtaining the information, please turn to the International Office (or, as a last resort to your programme coordinatoré.
3) DO NOT leave your application till the very last minute.
4) Remember to check the regulations,  the procedure for studying abroad, and the administrative processes involved (including the documents you will have to attach to your application.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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