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Current structure

Currently, Corvinus University of Budapest has six faculties:

Corvinus Business School

This Faculty is the centre for education and research in economics, financial management, management and organization, business, management sciences and management practice. The Corvinus Business School provides education both at undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and PhD level in the fields of Management, Marketing and Media, International Business, Finance and Accounting, Business Economics, Development for Enterprises, Management Science, Business Law, Information Science and Environmental Science.
Dean: Prof. Zita Zoltay Paprika


Corvinus School of Economics

The basic aim of the faculty is to provide general theoretical, functional and methodological knowledge in the field of economics and to find the solution to many economic and social problems. The Faculty of Economics offers a wide choice to those who are interested in issues of the world economy or European integration and wish to start a career in international or local institutions of economic management or in government agencies. There are also opportunities for deeper studies in finance, with attractive job opportunities offered by the financial and banking sphere
Dean: Assoc. Prof. László Trautmann


Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations

The Faculty's teaching concentrates on social disciplines. Not only does it take part in the undergraduate training of economists, but it also offers an independent full degree training specialization and a choice of graduate training courses for interested students who can choose from the following specializations: International Relations, Sociology/Economics, Social Policy/Economics and Political Science/Economics.
Dean: Prof. Zsolt Rostoványi

Last modified: 2019.11.19.