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The Corvinus University of Budapest was founded in 1948 under the name of Hungarian University of Economics. After several enlargements and changes in its name ( Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, and, as of September 2004: Corvinus University of Budapest) today it encompasses 6 faculties, over 16,000 students, and is a higher educational institution where a whole spectrum of education in economics, business, public administration, horticultural science, food science, landscape architecture and social sciences is offered.

Corvinus is the highest reputed university in its various fields in Hungary. It defines itself as a research university, which achievements are internationally also acknowledged. It plays a leading role not only in its research fields but also in the Hungarian higher education. Many faculty members and Corvinus alumni have gained high reputation and have taken leading positions in the Hungarian business, social and political life.

Corvinus has a wide partnership network in the framework of Erasmus+ and each year we host over 400 foreign exchange students.

Corvinus has a highly qualified academic staff with excellent reputation in their professional fields in the country and abroad. Professors of Corvinus are members of international economic organisations, interfaculty groups.


Last modified: 2018.11.30.