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What is a Freemover?

A freemover is a student who wishes to study abroad independent of any exchange program.  Freemover students are welcome to apply to the Corvinus Business School to study independently. Freemover students have the same access to all the ISP coordinated programs and courses taught in English as our other degree-seeking students. Information on the courses offered can be found here.

It is not possible to study as a freemover if the student's home university already has an Erasmus partnership or other agreement with Corvinus University of Budapest (see list of partner institutions). The only exception would be with written approval from the home university.

Practical Matters

Freemover students are responsible for following the regulations of their own home universities with regards to study abroad and credit acceptance. Before committing to a semester at Corvinus, freemovers should first confirm with their home universities that their credits earned at Corvinus will be accepted at their home universities.

Freemover students are also expected to have appropriate health and liability insurance during their studies. Please read details here.

All academic and administrative regulations apply to visiting students while they are studying at Corvinus. Please see Academic Information/Academic Regulations.

Tuition Fees

Freemovers pay the tuition fee independently. To determine the cost of each course, first check the level of the course (bachelor or master) and the number of ECTS credits in our course list and then refer to the fees table (page 2).

Freemovers must take minimum 18 ECTS credits during the study semester. 


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Ms. Katalin Kovács (

Last modified: 2020.01.29.