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MSc in Business Informatics

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Program Description



2 years (4 semesters)

Language of Instruction


Study Type

Full time

Start Date

September 1


6 weeks (240 hours)

Double-degree Option

CEMS Master's in International Management Program

Tuition Fee

Fees table

Application Deadline

Non-Hungarian Applicants: March 30th
Hungarian citizen applicants, check

The MSc in Business Informatics program prepares students for the challenges of the era of digital business transformation. The objective of the program is to provide such complementary skills - relying on the previously acquired IT and management knowledge - that enable students to manage efficiently information resources in organizations.

Based on solid theoretical knowledge both in IT and in business, the program covers all areas in which an IT managage can encounter information systems. The program integrates management, controlling and accounting with IT-related competencies: managing information as a strategic resource, information strategy planning, system design and development, IT project management, application integration, business intelligence, process management, IT security and IT service management and IT audit. Key enterprise applications, major e-business and e-government technologies, internationally accepted methodologies and standards, like ITIL, COBIT, etc. are also addressed.

Please see the program curriculum for the course plan. The program is offered on a full-time, two-year basis.

Major learning outcomes:

Graduates will:

  • understand how can IT support strategy and operations in an organization
  • demonstrate a good understandig on management of information resources.
  • be able to analyse, model and implement business IT requirements.
  • be able to control and evaluate IT services
  • be able to act as leaders in teams.
  • be able to act as experts in teams.
  • take responsibility for the performance of their team
  • identify IT solutions to achieve progress in their environment

Education Methods

The MSc in Business Informatics program, is based on our market leading Hungarian program which integrates theory with practice and provides solid methodological background. The teaching style is problem-solving oriented, case-study based and interactive to prepare students for future managerial challenges or expert tasks. Online e-learning tools and collaborative solutions will be intensively used, facilitating the involvement of collaborating international partners. Real-world cases, projects and widely adopted technologies facilitate the development of skills and knowledge.

The Institute of Information Technology

The Institute of Information Technology has been involved in teaching information technology for nearly thirty years, and has around 30 full-time members, many of whom are actively participating in research and teaching with leading universities in several countries. We have a long tradition of involving practitioners, experienced managers and leading IT company experts in teaching activities. The Institute has provided MIS and business IT application related courses in English for more than two decades. 

We focus both on teaching and researching IT applications in business and in the public sector. The Department was the first in Hungary in information management education, and was the initiator of information management oriented degree-programs (BSc in Business Information Systems, MSc in Business Informatics, vocational trainings).

The Institute vigorously pursues joint research projects with industry, academia, and governmental institutions. Our colleagues have remarkable research results in semantic technologies (SBPM, ontology based applications), SOA, intelligent applications, e-government, testing and improving ABS algorithms, establishing the bio-informatics foundation of medical biology, scheduling resource constraint projects, analyzing the effects of ICT on the stability of economy systems and in the fields of supply chain management, data warehouses, business intelligence, IT service management, IT auditing, e-business, entertainment application and virtual words, as well.


The Institute also collaborates with numerous domestic and international corporations and trade associations (like IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, SAS, etc.) in order to effectively implement all research results.

The International Dimension

The Institute is an active member of the international research community, and has been active in participating in international research and teaching cooperation with Asian and European institutions, focusing on areas like Intelligent application, Business Intelligence, IT governance, Digital Transformation, etc.


The Institute closely collaborates with other universities and research units. eLINK, cLINK, FUSION, gLINK and EuroInkaNet Erasmus Mundus exchange projects in the recent years provide a great opportunity to host guest professors from numerous Asian, Latin American and European universities. 


Program coordinator: Ms. Katalin O'Dowd Gelencsér (katalin.gelencser(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu)

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